Pulborough Brooks Birdwatching Walk

Littlehampton Nordic Walking UK Pulborough Brooks

Pulborough Brooks Birdwatching Walk – 1st Sunday of Every Month!

We will be doing our third Littlehampton NWUK birdwatching walk at RSPB Pulborough Brooks on Sunday November 4th at 10am.

Our route this time, will take us towards the river again, as we had loads of success in birdwatching there in September.  To name but a few, we saw a red kite, marsh harriers, kestrels, a kingfisher and meadow pipits too.  The public footpath which we travel along goes through the middle of the RSPB Reserve which is perfect for our Nordic Walking adventure!

This time we are also welcoming Julianne, the RSPB Pulborough Brooks Senior Site Manager who we found on our last expedition!  Julianne is enthusiastic about providing more opportunities for being “Active in Nature’ and Littlehampton Nordic Walking UK could well be a perfect match for the reserve.

Getting Ready for Nightingales with Littlehampton Nordic Walking UK

Our aim of doing regular monthly nordic walks at Pulborough is to be able to notice the seasonal changes on a month by month basis.  The group are already aware that West Sussex is one of the few counties that are lucky enough to welcome nightingales in the Spring.  The plan for the monthly Spring Nordic Walks will be that they take place very early in the morning (they are quite likely to start in the dark!), so that our group will be able to hear nightingales sing as we nordic walk and, if we are very lucky, we might even see a nightingale!  (To be honest though, it is their song that is beautiful, their colour and plumage is brown so they can hide in the shrubs and thickets they like).

Do you have your FREEDOM Passport?

If you have done the Learn to Nordic Walk course with Nordic Walking UK and you have your FREEDOM Passport, you would be welcome to book onto our Birdwatching Walk at Pulborough Brooks and come and join us!

For more information on how to register with us, so that you can join our walks, check out our Welcome to Freedom page.

Ready for Nordic Walking in Colder Weather?

We have been so lucky this year that the summer has been long and lovely.  We are still, at the time of writing, enjoying the warmth of the Autumn sun.  The rumours abound though that we are in for a “cold winter” and with that in mind, this is the time of year to make sure that you have plenty of layers to keep you warm while out nordic walking.

Remember. the Nordic Walking UK Store has plenty of clothing and accessories to keep you warm and comfortable throughout the winter months.  Also keep an eye of out for the Littlehampton NWUK Shop N’ Drop for Christmas, in case you might want to add new nordic walking poles to your Christmas List!

Time for a Cuppa!


Our nordic walk at RSPB Pulborough usually ends with a visit to their wonderful cafe!  So far, we have managed to sit outside and enjoy some extra birdwatching with our coffees and teas!

We will probably be heading inside the cafe for our November Walk and warming up with a hot chocolate or two!

Don’t forget to book up if you’d like to join us on our next Birdwatching Walk!